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John Lee Hannya Katana

€499,99 EUR
Verkoper JL
The Hannya mask is from the Japanese Noh theater un likely the most famous mask ever be. It stands for the woman who has turned in anger and jealousy into a demon. - WITHOUT blade groove (Bo - HI), hand-forged from 1095er carbon steel (not stainless) - tempered with Lehmbestricht Traditionally, real hamon, 60 HRC blade, 40 HRC on the back, - Blade clamp (Habaki) made of brass, Tsub cast, - handle wrap lined in black cotton with authentic ray skin - Blade with 2 wooden dowels (Mekugi) fixed in the handle, - delivery in collector Blade length 75 cm to Tsuba Overall length: 108 cm Overall length with scabbard: 110 cm Handle Length: 32 cm Curvature (sori): 2 cm Blade width Habaki: 3.2 cm Blade width of the transition to the point (Kisaki): 2.3 cm Weight with scabbard: 1430 g Weight without scabbard: 1200 g

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