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El Gigante Micarta Arbolito

€303,99 EUR
Verkoper Boker Arbolito
The new full tang bowies from Arbolito already attracted attention with the wood scales as a novelty in 2014. The solid billet construction in combination with their classic visual appeal and high utility make these models into outstanding companions for outdoor and hunting use. The new 2015 models feature the indestructible handle scales of green canvas mircata, which is difficult to top in terms grip with the additional riffled texture. The modern appeal of the material in combination with the supremely durable stonewash finish make these new bowies into extraordinary knives, not only for tactical uses but also as collectibles. Shipped with black leather sheath. Overall 37.4 cm. Bl. 23.6 cm. Thickness 6.4 mm. Weight 450 g

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