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Yojumbo 2 vs Yojimbo 2

This Spyderco Yojumbo is a limited-run version of the successful design by Michael Janich.

A unique design to say the least, the Yojimbo 2 is an improved version of Michael Janich’s original Yojimbo design. The design is appealing for many reasons, like the quality of high-end materials, pure cutting power and of course aesthetics. Note the organic shapes of the handle and spine, and how they make the straightness of that big Wharncliffe blade stand out.


What is the difference between the Yojumbo and Yojimbo?

Continuing the success of the Yojimbo, the Yojumbo is the big brother of this already impressive looking knife. It has been scaled up by 20 percent. This was originally to facilitate people with larger hands, but the size simply appeals to many collectors.

The History of the Yojimbo

The original Yojimbo paved the way for Wharncliffe blades in folding knives. We’re seeing more and more Wharncliffes in Spyderco’s line-up. The cutting efficiency of that tip and the ease of sharpening such a straight edge, make the blade shape an easy choice for many. Whether as a simple box cutter, a collector's item or your favourite EDC, you’ll see the upside to it very quickly.

The Spyderco Yojumbo 2 Carbon Fibre

The Spyderco Yojumbo 2 Carbon Fibre version doesn’t have G10 scales, but rather peel-ply textured solid carbon fibre scales. This makes the handle lighter, but many people don’t like the smoothness of carbon fibre. We’ve heard many people fear that it will get slippery in time of need. The peel-ply gives the carbon fibre the same grippy texture as G10 would, while still being light and boasting that black-and-grey look. The blade has also gotten a nice upgrade, boasting a beautiful satin S90V instead of S30V. This steel gives that effective hollow-ground blade a longer-lasting edge.

Like regular Yojimbo’s and Yojumbo’s, this version has Spyderco’s patented Compression Lock. This is a fan favourite, due to its safety, smooth action, ease of cleaning and of course the fun factor. As seen in the Paramilitary family, and many others, the Compression Lock can be operated one-handed to open and close the knife, without your fingers having to come anywhere near the blade. Finally the four-position pocket clip lets you carry it however you want.


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