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Is the M48 Cyclone illegal? 

The most illegal knife in the world!

…is something we hear in the store a lot when people see this knife. While yes, it’s very impressive to see and it certainly speaks volumes to the imagination, is it illegal?

We’re going to be talking about this interesting design, but we’re also going to bust some common myths and misconceptions about it.

This is United Cutlery’s M48 Cyclone dagger. Undoubtedly inspired by the Microtech Jagdcommando, this three-sided dagger has a spiralled blade. The 20,3cm blade is one solid piece of 2Cr13 stainless steel in which the three edges all meet seamlessly at the tip. The fibre reinforced nylon handle is complemented by a stainless steel guard and pommel. It comes supplied with a Vortec TPR synthetic sheath that holds it safely in place with a Velcro strap


United Cutlery is known for extreme and outspoken designs, but also designs by Gil Hibben and even movie replicas. They’re a fun and entertaining brand, who continue to surprise (and sometimes maybe even shock) us.

Here’s some of the most common myths and misconceptions we get in our store.

  •  The damage caused to the human body by this knife can’t be fixed!
  • The damage caused to the human body by this knife requires X amount of surgeons!

It would be wrong to state this as an actual fact for this specific type of knife. Any knife injury incurred in the wrong place from any knife, could require an X amount of surgeons and finally turn out to be 'unfixable'. Therefore, never 'play' with your knives boys 'n galls and treat them with respect. Knives are meant as tools!

Is the M48 Cyclone illegal?

Knife legislation differs per country and sometimes different rules apply within these countries. This isn’t something that’s illegal all over the world. Check your own country's laws before purchasing, to make sure you don’t get into any trouble. As for the Netherlands, it’s completely legal to own, but illegal to carry. (but why the heck would you carry one?) In that sense, it falls under the same category here as any other fixed blade with more than one edge and swords amongst others. Folding knives with more than one edge are illegal to own in the Netherlands. Sometimes that gets mixed up too.

Is The M48 Cyclone banned by the Geneva convention?

There are a couple of things wrong with this statement.

  • First: which one?
  • Second: we couldn’t find any mention of it, anywhere in the full documents, summaries or otherwise. If you have other information, let us know!
  • Third: even if it was mentioned, it would just mean it would be illegal to be used in wartime, not to own and keep on a shelf next to your Pokémon cards.


These spectacular conversation pieces perfectly show the technical capabilities of today's modern world. Therefore, these unique pieces could complement any knife collection in a way few others can.

To summarize:

  • Pro: great conversation starter!
  • Con: can’t be attached to Makita drill.
  • Pro: beautiful piece of modern day machining.
  • Con: terrible screwdriver.
  • Pro: available here at The Old Man Knives & Tools 

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