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Are Manley Knives Good?

One of the more modest and therefore often overlooked brands that we have in our store is Manly knives from Sofia, Bulgaria. They have been around for only a few years, but in that time have impressed us and many other enthusiasts with their high performance products. Similar to what car enthusiasts call ‘sleeper’ – cars that look plain from the outside but are fitted with powerful engines that make for a surprising performance – Manly’s knives may at first glance not be the most flashy out there, but upon further inspection pack some exceptional features.

A good example of this is one of Manly’s most recent folders, the City. It is a friendly looking folder with a sturdy backlock and an extremely comfortable handle. The G10 handle slabs have a nice 3D contour that fills the hand well. On the inside they are milled out to make room for full stainless steel liners, providing a strong frame for the locking mechanism. The handle is completed with a deep carry pocket clip that can be mounted on both sides, making the knife completely ambidextrous.

Moving on to the blade, we can start to see the full potential of the City. It is wide and full flat ground from three millimetre thin stock, making for a very thin blade geometry that slices like nothing else. While a thin blade cuts well and is easy to get very sharp, it is also more fragile and thus dulls more quickly. What Manly came up with to solve this ‘problem’ is simple. They decided to offer the City in CPM-S90V, one of the most wear resistant blade steels in the industry today. This knife thus will slice cardboard without any effort, and will do so for a long time. Most certainly a lot longer than most of its competitors in the same price range!

A true wolf in sheep’s clothes, the Manly City is made for those price conscious knife enthusiast that are looking for state of the art materials that offer the highest possible performance.

The City embodies the values of Manly Knives. They produce modest knives that do not look all that powerful. However, the building quality, the materials used and the duribility of their products is of the highest quality.

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