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Why a Puukko?

At The Old Man Knives and Tools, we pride ourselves on our selection of puukko knives. Puukkos are sharpened in such a way that sawing wood is effortless - the blades do not get stuck in the wood, but cut springs from the wood in a controlled manner. This is known by many as a "Scandi grind". They also work very well at fishing, hunting, woodworking, bushcraft and just about any recreational activity they come across.

Lever material from the Puukko's

In general, the handle materials include different types of wood, birch bark used as stacked pieces, and bone or antler. These materials are soft and warm to the touch and the wax-coated handles provide a good grip, even when wet. This also gives the puukko a natural look. A traditional puukko comes with a leather sheath. Most casings contain a plastic liner for safety and long-term use.

Our Puukkos: Ahti

The Ahti knives are manufactured in Kauhava, Finland. This area has a long and rich history as being known for knife making. The Ahti knives are made by Reino Kamppila and his son. They run a fourth generation family business in knife making. For generations they have been producing knives of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Carbon steel (0.8%) blades are hardened to about 59 on the Rockwell scale and stainless steel blades are hardened to about 57 Rockwell.

The knives and scabbards are not only beautifully made, they are also satisfyingly functional. As is the case with most puukkos, the handles are made of curly birch, sanded and stained. The fittings on the blades are polished brass and there are plastic inserts in the sheath to protect both the sheath and the hand. This is no exaggeration as these knives are quite sharp and can easily cut through if sheathed incorrectly.

The belt loops are not attached directly to the sheath, but with a small metal ring. The ring allows the sheath to dangle and rotate to make it easier to move around and sit with the blade on your belt. The added portability makes them top notch when it comes to having a reliable companion with you when enjoying the great outdoors.

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