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Knife Deep Dive: Mora Dalahorse Wood Carving Kit

Not the usual MoraKniv knife

The Swedish company Mora is known and loved for its simple fixed blade knives with molded plastic handles and precise scandi blades. These knives offer functionality and quality for a low price, especially considering that they are all made in Sweden, in the town of Mora. Perhaps less known is that Mora also offers a traditional line of woodcarving knives. These are slightly more refined than their plastic-handled cousins, but still offer the same fantastic value for money.

With MoraKniv Wood Carving Knives you have ultimate control

The knives from the carving series have simple barrel-shaped wooden handles with a neutral positive grip. They have no finger guard or choil, meaning the knives can be gripped as close to the edge of the blade as possible. This gives maximum control while cutting. Mora has left the handles free of paint. This means they provide enormous grip. The front end of the wooden handles has a metal cap or ferrule to protect them from damage or splitting.

Which wood carving knife suits me?

Special blade shapes are available in the carving series, each intended to perform a specific carving technique. The hook knives have curved blades that are suitable for carving out cavities, while the carving knives have relatively short and thin blades, made for accurately carving out intricate details. The tang of the blades runs all the way through the handles, which ensures a solid full tang construction. Like their plastic-handled counterparts, the blades in Mora Scandi's carving series are ground, but have a finer, more highly polished finish.

What does the Dala Horse Wood Carving Kit consist of?

To introduce people to Mora's wood carving series in a fun way, Mora now offers the Dalahorse wood carving set. It comes with the short carving knife model 120 in carbon steel and a rough cut horse figure that you have to finish yourself. This way you get to know the great sharpness and ease of use of the knife, while at the same time trying out a new hobby. Perfect as a gift for a younger person or someone new to crafts.

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