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Leatherman specializes in making tools that are multifunctional, multi-tools. Their creative engineering has resulted in their products being worn and used by a wide variety of users, ranging from people who just want something close at hand to military and medical professionals. Meet the Leatherman Raptor.

The functionalities of Leatherman Raptor

The design of the Leatherman Raptors was supported by first responders and military medics. It has serrated heavy-duty scissors that can cut through thick clothing. The scissors have small serrations for a good grip, so that thick clothing does not slip during cutting. The scissors also have dimensions indicated up to 5 cm for precise cutting. To top it off, the nose is blunted to prevent the patient from being injured during the treatment. The holes of the handle are extra wide holes for when the user is wearing thick gloves.
When it comes to accessories, the Raptor has a few tricks up its sleeve, get it? The bottom of the scissors has a handy function of a ring cutter. At the end of the handle is a small point that can be used as a window breaker. When you fold it up (yes, it folds up like a regular Leatherman tool, of course), there's a little hook blade that functions as a belt cutter. And in the middle is a rectangular hole that can be used to operate oxygen tanks. Breathtaking indeed... One of the handles also has a lanyard hole for added accessibility.

What is the Leatherman Raptor made of?

The steel is 420HC and weighs only 164 grams.
The carrying options of the Raptor are plentiful. When closed, the Raptor can be carried discreetly in the pocket by means of the clip. For open carrying, the Raptor comes with a versatile kydex sheath. The Raptor can be sheathed in both open and closed positions. Furthermore the sheath has an open clip that can be worn on a belt, slipped over your pants or slipped into MOLLE's loops, yes the sheath is MOLLE compatible and can even be worn upside down on a MOLLE vest in open position for quick access.
The Raptor is available in a variety of colors to suit any individual or profession. Considering its uses for the expected situations, the Raptor is a must for any individual with a prepared state of mind.

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