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Knife Deep Dive: Opinel Picnic Plus Set

Opinel is perhaps one of the most requested, most purchased brands in our store. Its simplicity, reliability and downright fantastic value for money are well known. Since 1890, this French company has been making their knives and building their legacy. The simple 4 or 5 piece construction (depending on whether it is a locking model or not) is easy to use and easy to maintain.

What is Opinel's Le Picnic?

They build on the existing models and now offer “Le Picnic”: a set that allows you to use your Opinel knife as a handle for a spoon or fork.

With which Opinel knife can you use the Le Picnic cutlery?

All you need is an Opinel number 8 (one of the most popular sizes). To use the fork or spoon, all you have to do is close the knife, insert the cutlery you want to use into the top of the handle, twist the locking ring and the folks at Opinel would say "Voilà!"

What is included in the Opinel Picnic Plus Set?

The spoon and fork come in a small microfiber cloth with loops to hold the utensils and your knife. You can then roll it up or fold it up. The attached elastic loop prevents it from opening, so it is safe for transport or storage.

Great for camping!

The Picnic is available with or without an Opinel number 8 blade. It's a wonderful lightweight addition to your camping gear, daily packed lunch or just to take away.

Even with the holidays quickly approaching, it makes a great gift for a loved one or for yourself.

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