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Knife Deep Dive: European Archery Buster Youth Compound Bow

Winter is coming…

And then? Every season is archery season!

What makes the Ek Archery Buster Youth Bow so suitable for children?

This compound bow with a good price-quality ratio is the Buster, from EK Archery. With its short shaft-to-shaft length, short drawlength and relatively low weight it is a great bow for young archers. Because it is highly adjustable in power and length, it is suitable for a variety of archers.

What is a compound bow?

Compound bows are the high-tech cousins ​​of traditional bows. The latest evolution in archery is interesting, as humans have been using bows since the Stone Age (around 20,000 BC). But the first compound bow was built in 1966. And what's even more interesting is that we've reached a point in archery where the best bow manufacturers compete every year (!) to build the lightest, fastest, smoothest and sleekest bows they can.

The wheels on a compound bow are called cams. And what they do is guide the string and cables which will give you a very different draw than a traditional bow. The pulling power peaks during the pull, but then tapers off so you can easily keep it full throttle with a fraction of full power. All power is held by the cams and cables. Because you can hold it for longer, with less stress, it's an easier shooting experience. But all archery is challenging enough to keep you coming back.

Can you adjust the EK archery Buster Compound Bow?

The Buster is adjustable in force from 15 to 29 LBS (6.75 - 13 kg) with a 75% load capacity, meaning you can hold it at full pull at 3.75 - 7.25 LBS (1.7 - 3 .25kg). The draw length is adjustable from 17-26 inches which is great for kids and most (younger) teens.

What's in Buster's set?

The bow comes in a set, consisting of a forearm guard, a mounted bow quiver and two (black) 26 inch arrows. It also comes with a plastic arrow rest and brass target pins. The package itself can be used to hang or carry the arch.

Safety first!

Safety is important in any sport and archery is certainly no exception. Although this is a children's bow, it is not a toy and should only be used under adult supervision. Make sure you have enough space and a solid backstop behind your target. Compound bows are known for their speed and power. But most of all have fun!

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