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Ralf Jahn, recognized as perfect for all kinds of grinding seminars, brings you to Solingen, his famous Schärfschule in the fore Wipperkotten. Since 2008 he offers his workshop 'knife sharpening' very successfully in the Böker Manufaktur Solingen. Inspired by great sharpening stones in the traditional Kotten in Solingen, who have used the power of Wupper powered, Ralf Jahn has this high quality and highly innovative range of water sharpening stones. Fit Derweise, the new series is called "water stream" to connect, but the tradition of the manual Schleifens the knife to the stone with the power of modernity through the use of innovative materials. The new water whetstones are made of modern ceramic and are kept in an oven in a particularly soft Brennv Erfa quench for 30 days. This innovative and expensive Brennv Erfa quench gives the bricks a particularly high stability. The water flow sharpening stone can have a particularly long service life and is considerably more durable than standard sharpening stones. Also newly developed the Steinhalterung, the innovative Zweiwannen system convinces and prevents the grinding sludge from spreading around the workplace. The stones are very non-slip when stored away.

The trays are compatible with practically all other standard sharpening stones that fresh air can be supplied, because the huge advantages for existing whetstones can also be used. The high-quality sharpening stone from the water stream is completely made in Germany and with innovative Steinhalterung and Anreibe each stone. Blue Water Flow sharpening stone with j10,000 grain size. + Free Steinhalterwanne and matching Anreibe stones. Water stone dimensions: Length 22 cm Width 8 cm Height: 2 cm Weight: 665 g.

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