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The medium Chutoh from Miyabi is ideal for cutting or slicing meat or fish. The thin, stable blade of 16 cm gives you complete control: precision work is child's play with this knife. That's why many professional chefs from all over the world swear by it. The core of the blade is made of MicroCarbide MC63 powder steel, embedded in a hundred layers of steel of two different hardnesses. The CRYODUR blade also undergoes a special ice-hardening process at -196 °C and therefore has a rockwell hardness of approximately 63. Due to the Honbazuke sharpening technique, the blade is as sharp as a scalpel. To achieve that sharpness, the blade is sharpened twice between rotating stones and then polished on a leather wheel. The handle has the traditional D-shape that is typical for Japanese knives. The knife lies comfortably in the hand and is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen thanks to the handle made of Masur birch wood. The subtle grind contrasts elegantly with the floral damask pattern of the blade. Furthermore, the relief in the stainless steel and the fine red lines provide an extra decorative effect. The Chutoh from the Miyabi 5000MCD series stands out for its extreme sharpness.


- Type: Chef's knife
- Collection: Miyabi

- Grip type: Hidden angel
- Cutting edge type: Smooth cutting edge
- Cutting surface finish: Honbazuke cutting surface
- Hardness of the blade: 62-64 HRC
- Total length: 29.8 cm
- Blade length: 16 cm
- Blade width: 0.20 cm
- Blade thickness: 0.20 cm
- Width of the product: 2.20 cm
- Height of the product: 4 cm
- Handle length: 13.8 cm
- Handle width: 2.30 cm
- Weight: 0.15 kg
- Product features:
• Damascus design with 101 layers of steel
• Authentic Japanese blade profile
• Hand sharpened using the Honbazuke process
• Comfortable, ergonomic handle made of Masur birch wood
• Handcrafted in Seki, Japan
• Hand wash recommended

• Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects in domestic use

- Blade material: MC63 Steel / Handle: Birch
- Color: Brown (Brown)

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