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LMF Firesteel Bio Army Cocoshell

Product code: LMF BFSA-COCO
Product description: The Firesteels were originally developed especially for the Swedish army. It is the first fire starter made of Magnesium in the shape of a bar. This allows you to produce sparks of an average of 3000°C using the supplied stainless steel scraper. A Firesteel Scout is good for 3,000 irons and a Firesteel Army 12,000 irons.

It even performs at extreme altitudes with deoxygenated air and it works just as well when wet. Can be used for countless applications from lighting a gas heater to starting a campfire. Also equipped with an emergency whistle in the scraper. An indispensable equipment for survival, hunting, fishing and campers.

New material as of 2019
This product is made from biobased plastic. With a view to a better future, Light My Fire will only use biobased plastic for the production of their products from 2019. "Biobased" refers to materials that are made from biomass obtained from vegetable raw materials such as corn, sugar cane and cellulose. The biobased range can be recognized by the new colors of natural, soft, earthy and peaceful tones. In the field of packaging, 100% recyclable or reusable material has also been chosen.
  • Steel type
    Magnesium alloy
  • Handle / Material
    Organic Cocoshell
  • Total length (cm)
  • Weight (gr)
  • Colour

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