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By Boker
Even in the world of high-tech materials such as powder metallurgy steel, composite materials such as carbon or G10 and engineering metals such as titanium or zirconium, classic pocket knife is still enjoying unbroken popularity. Traditional designs such as Trapper, Scout, Barlow or our sports knife have always been valued companions in everyday life and have friends of all ages. With the "Classic Gold" series, we put a strong antidote to modern-made blades with a laser-engraved logo in absolute terms on the amount of time, but not necessarily exude old-world charm. So in the "Classic Gold" show we have taken care of old craftsmanship and equip the blades with a true classic gold etching from how they used to be more often in high-quality knives. The noble claim that knives in this series are scales made of selected desert ironwood, which is not only extremely stable, but also emphasizes a very refined look. This ensemble is topped by a classic Böker emblem, which is embedded in the handle. The series 'Classic Gold', for example, builds a bridge to earlier times and brings it to life in a tangible way.

The six-piece Böker sports knife has been handcrafted in our factory in Solingen since 1869. It is equipped with two blades, a can and bottle opener, a lancet and reamer, a corkscrew and a flathead screwdriver. Both knives are made of polished 4034 steel, the classic Solingen blade steel, which combines corrosion resistance, edge retention and easy sharpening. The veteran of our model range has polished nickel-silver jaws and the Böker emblem in a desert ironwood handle. The traditional design is perfect for the pocket and offers obvious practical benefits. You always need two hands to extend the instruments, the blades are not detectable. Instead, the classic support springs keep the blade open. Thanks to the practical carrying strap, the knife can be easily attached to bags or other objects.
Type of article: Pocket knife
Total length: 15.5 cm
Blade length: 6.5 cm
Blade thickness: 1.7mm
Weight: 111g
Blade material: 4034
Handle material: nickel silver, desert ironwood
Opening aid: Nagelhau
Opening: Manual
Closure: Slip joint
Color: brown
Leaf color: uncoated
Article number: 114051
Even in the world of high-tech materials like powder metallurgical steel, composites like carbon or G10 and technical materials such as titanium or zirconium, classic pocketknives are still enjoying unabated popularity. Traditional designs like the Trapper, Scout, Barlow or our sporting knives have always been valued tools for everyday use and garner fans of all ages. With our Classic Gold series, we are offering a deliberate counterpoint to blades of a more modern make; with their laser engraved logo, these blades are certainly state-of-the-art but don't necessarily exude vintage charm. For the Classic Gold series, we came back to classic craftsmanship, finishing the blades with genuine classic gold etching that used to be common for high-quality knives. Highlighting their sophisticated appearance, the knives in this series have scales made from select pieces of desert ironwood, which is not just very sturdy but also offers a rather elegant look. The design is finished with a classic Boker logo in the handle scale. All in all, the Classic Gold series reaches into the past, bringing it back to life in a tangible way.Polished 4034 blades with gold etching. With Boker logo in a handle scale of desert ironwood. Nickel silver bolsters. slip joint

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