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With the FireSteel Scout you can make fire quickly and easily. You run the metal strip or a knife along the magnesium rod and a shower of sparks at 3000 °C ignites rotten wood powder or cotton wool. Of course, a gas burner or barbecue is also quickly lit with the FireSteel Scout . And unlike matches or a lighter, it won't be stopped by water.

This lighter version can be used about 3,000 times. The scraper is equipped with an emergency whistle.


- Species: Firesteel
- Brand: Light My Fire
- Handle length: 3.4 cm
- Total length: 7.7 cm
- Bar length: 4.3 cm
- Weight: 30g
- Product features:
• Temperature sparks up to 3,000 °C
• Emergency whistle and scraper

- Color: Red (Rocky Red)

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