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Matt Diskin is a custom knifemaker from Seattle, Washington. A well-respected name in the world of knifemaking, Diskin is known for his slim, sleek designs, which show his background in CNC machining. His customs, many of which are automatics, are always the product of smart designs that work fantastically and are very pleasing to the eye. The model M1 series, which was released in 2019 and first appeared at the New York Custom Knife Show, is a perfect example of this. they feature an integral handle, meaning that it is milled out from one solid piece of material, in this case titanium. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, the handle is machined out even further on the outside, with a complex but very pleasing three-dimensional network of lines, fullers, and channels as a result. The sleek Böhler M390 blade is complemented by a fuller as well as a flipper tab. The black blades are PVD coated and the Damascus blade is stainless Damasteel. Thanks to the subtle jimping on the flipper tab, the IKBS system, and the ceramic detent ball, the knife opens quick, smooth, and strong. When activated, the blade locks up through the solid framelock (or R.I.L.). To slow down the natural wear of the lock bar, it has been reinforced with an insert to increase the longevity of this gorgeous piece. Matt also designed a really cool overtravel stop fixed to the pivot screw, further reassuring you this knife will serve you for many years to come. Some M1 models have inserts in the handles, such as carbon fibre or G10, but a plain titanium version is also available. All of them feature titanium pocket clips and come with a calf leather pouch. The M1 series is designed by Matt and produced by Reate under his supervision and with his approval. Reate is a state of the art manufacturing company, built and run by knife enthusiast David Deng. Reate has an impressive history of collaborations as well as their own line of knives. Reate knives are known for their fit and finish and smart design features.

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