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Knife Deep Dive: Boker Barlow Integral Leopard Damask Review

Fresh from the Bökers Solingen Manufactur factory, we received the latest version of their classic Barlow, and it's a special one.

What is the handle of the Böker Barlow Integral made of?

The surprisingly lightweight handle is made of micarta and ironwood. What stands out here is the integral construction: a piece of micarta has been partially milled out to form a thin liner along the full profile of the handle, while the front piece has been left thicker to form a bolster. This piece of micarta is then perfectly inlaid with an Ironwood handle cover. Together they form an interesting combination, as the grain of the wood contrasts nicely with the grid-like structure of the micarta. As we are used to from Böker, the grip of this knife is beautiful, there are no seams to be felt between the micarta, the ironwood and the rear spring of the knife. The pins that hold everything together are polished smooth with the surface of the handle.

Is the Böker Barlow Integral made from a Leopard Tank?

As beautiful as the handle is, the real eye-catcher of this piece has to be the blade. It is the classic Barlow clip-point known for its versatility in use and clean lines. The blade of this knife is made from a very special piece of Damascus. Forged by German knifemaker Andreas Henrichs from the gun barrel of a Leopard main battle tank, it's a piece of history brought to life as a luxurious cutting tool. The blade of Damascus consists of 300 layers and is forged in a pyramid pattern. We think a quick look at the photos will be more than enough to explain why the pattern is called that. The blade is deeply etched, which creates a nice contrast between the different layers of steel and brings out some clear pyramids.

What is the hardness of the steel>

In addition to its aesthetic qualities, this knife also offers serious performance. With a Rockwell hardness of 61-63, it holds an edge and looks good too. In practice, this means this knife will peel a lot of oranges before tarnishing and looking spectacular while it's at it. Limited to 500 pieces and individually numbered, this unique Barlow deserves a special place in any collection.

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