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Knife Deep Dive: FallKniven R2 Scout Review

The R2 scout is the newest member of Fällkniven's fantastic line-up of tough Swedish outdoor knives

What is the difference between the Fällkniven R2, F1, S1 and A1?

Compared to the F1, S1 and A1, the R2 has a relatively short blade, with a blade length of 80 mm. At the same time, however, it has a blade of 4.8 mm (!) thick. Unlike its brothers, the blade is not made of laminated steel, but rather of Swedish Elmax. A premium powder steel. Elmax is produced by Böhler-Uddenholm, a company specializing in the production of tool steel. The blade is full tang, sharpened in a saber convex edge. They opted for a thicker blade, strengthening the tip, expecting people to use it heavily. It is literally designed to withstand stress (with common sense in mind). All these ingredients make it a very, very tough knife.

Fällkniven designed the knife for those with smaller hands and yes it is slightly shorter than the handles on larger Fällkniven models but it is well proportioned and will still be big enough for most adults. Despite being slightly shorter, the Thermorun handle has the same feel and checkered design as comparable models.

What material is used for the handle of the R2-Scout?

Fällkniven has been using Thermorun with great success for over 30 years. It is a synthetic material that combines the strength and wear resistance of plastic with the warmth and comfort of rubber. It is even resistant to mosquito repellent, which is known for dissolving plastic. Thermorun is perfectly suited for outdoor/survival knives. All in all, the R2 Scout looks and feels great.

What are the other functions of the R2-Scout?

The R2 comes with a Zytel sheath. As seen on the X-series models, the scabbard has several loops to attach it to bags and belts. But perhaps most importantly: it has a lock, with which the knife can be firmly secured in the sheath. There is a cord running through the latch itself so you can easily find and pull it if you want. A nice detail is that the cord they used in blue and yellow: the colors of the Swedish flag. For those who prefer the classic Zytel sheaths, Fällkniven says the R2 is compatible with F1 sheaths.

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