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Knife Deep Dive: Buck Knives 110 Folder

For knife aficionados around the world, the number 110 will always immediately bring to mind a set of gleaming copper bolsters, rich brown hardwood shells and a hollow-ground clippoint blade. Even knives from other brands that use these features are often referred to as a Buck knife because of its unmistakable design. Taken together, these features describe Buck's legendary Folding Hunter, as designed in the 1960s. That's how long the 110 has been around.

But in our modern life, we have become accustomed to the ease of use of the two-handed one-handed opening and the comfort and easy accessibility of clip-carry. To answer the call for such modern features but stay true to their heritage, Buck has released the Slim EDC series: the 110 Folding Hunter and the 112 Ranger as you know them, but with flat Micarta handle shells (or G10 in English). the black version), thumb studs for one-handed opening and pocket clips. In addition, they have been upgraded with S30V blades. S30V has superior properties such as better edge retention and hardness.

Making knives involves more than choosing and sharpening a type of steel. The heat treatment can literally make or break the blade. Buck has a masterful heat treatment department. The Slim EDC series are all BOS heat treated, so named after Paul Bos, America's heat treatment expert and Buck's in-house expert until his retirement in 2010. Everything he knows was passed down to Paul Farner over a period of more than 10 years.

Hollow grinds have been used in hunting knives for decades and are still common today. The reason this grind is so popular is that you get the combination of a thick and firm backbone while using a nice thin rim. Simply put, maximum cutting performance, without sacrificing power.

So whether you're a lover of quality cutlery, need an easy to use tool, are used to your old Buck knife or just love your classics, the Slim EDC is the range for you!

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