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Knife Deep Dive: Boker The Collection 2022 Review

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As you may know, @boker_knives has multiple product lines. Böker Manufaktur and Böker Magnum are known for their annual limited editions and many collectors eagerly await them every year. While Böker Magnum is known for the large fixed blades for their "jahresmesser", Böker Manufaktur has had a tradition of releasing Damascus folding knives annually since 1980! They have an interesting article about the history of the Damascus Jahresmesser in their winter catalog for 2021.

Which collection does the Böker Plus: The Collection 2022 come from

Now, for the third year in a row, the Böker Plus line has their annual limited run knife.

After Lucas Burnley and Todd Rexford, it's now Jens Anso's turn to raise the stakes.

Who designed the Böker Plus The Collection 2022?

Jens is of course known for his ergonomic and eye-catching designs. Besides his own production under the name "Anso of Denmark" and his collaborations with Jesper Voxnaes under the name "Giant Mouse Knives", he has had great success working with Böker, Fox, Lionsteel, Viper, MKM, Spyderco, Kershaw and Zero Tolerance, just to name a few.

Until now, Böker Plus has brought modern, high-quality pocket knives to the table. And this one is no different.

What is the Böker Plus: The Collection 2022 made of?

The Collection 2022 is a titanium framelock flipper. It has a carbon fiber inlay with copper inclusions, giving it a unique duotone look. The inlay is made by FAT Carbon Materials in Utena, Lithuania.

The blade itself is made of M390 steel with a sleek no-nonsense Anso design. All hardware in the handle (screws, backspacer, pivot ring) is anodized in a rosé color. These subtle and not-so-subtle details really give this knife a beautiful look worthy of the title "pocket jewellery".

How many pieces have been made of Böker Plus: The Collection 2022

The 2022 Collection is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. They are individually numbered and accompanied by the corresponding certificates. A high quality felt case is included for storage and/or carrying. We have number 174.

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