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Does Glock Also Produce Knives?

When it comes to knives with gun manufacturer names, there is certainly no shortage. Sometimes these are knives similar in name to the firearms, just lack quality.

The Glock Field Knife Series, on the other hand, is the opposite of this. It is the original and only knife produced by Glock, the Austrian firearms company.

Where are Glock products produced?

Just like their famous pistols, Glock's knives are completely made in Austria. More so, Glock started making their Field Knife before they ever produced a single firearm, making the Field Knife one of the oldest members of Glock's product range.

What are Glock's Field Knives made of?

The handle and ambidextrous scabbard are made from the same polymer material that made the firearms so reliable. The blade itself is made of medium-hard spring steel with a high carbon content, making it a very tough knife. The carbon steel is covered with an electrophoretic coating, which protects it against corrosion in humid environments.

What types of Field Knives are there?

Glock currently makes the field knife in two variants: one with a saw back and one with a smooth back. The smooth version is currently available in black, the sawn back version is made in black, dark earth, gray or green.

The Glock Field Knife has a fairly straightforward design, but it does have some interesting hidden features. For example, the guard on the handle doubles as a bottle opener, while the one-way saw on the back of the blade is very effective for notching cuts in wood. In addition, when the end cap on the handle is removed, the blade can be mounted on the Steyr AUG rifle. The Steyr AUG is a bullpup assault rifle, which not coincidentally also comes from Austria. The Stery AUG and Glock Field Knife combination is in use by the Austrian Armed Forces.

Although it has a very military look to it, it's a great all-round knife that isn't particularly heavy and doesn't take up much space in your backpack. With all the diversity and Asian manufacturing going around these days, it's great to see a European-made knife that can handle the challenges for less than €50 (at the moment). In our opinion, this price/quality ratio is virtually unparalleled.

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