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Knife Deep Dive: The CRKT Berserker Axe

This tough Viking-looking ax is CRKT's Berserker.

Who designed the CRKT Berserker?

The Berserker was designed by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical. He now has many CRKT designs to his name, including the Chogan and Kangee axes, but also well-known knives such as the Powder Keg and the Pangolin.

Who is Ryan Johnson?

Ryans has been designing axes and knives for over 30 years and has really made a name for itself producing custom axes. He also redefined the tomahawk, making it a more practical tool for military and law enforcement. It has now become a more compact version of the fire ax for them.

What are the features of the CRKT Berserker Ax?

As with the Berserker, most of his axes have handles made from Tennessee Hickory. This dense wood is not only exceptional for ax handles, it is also a tribute to Ryan's home state. The Berserker's handle is also charred, giving it a worn/burnt look. It really adds to the Viking style and brings out the grain of the Hickory.

The ax head is made of durable 1055 carbon steel. 1055 certainly offers decent edge retention. This is covered with a Manganese Phosphate coating, which protects it from the elements and prevents corrosion. What makes the ax undeniably inspired by Viking axes is what is called the "beard". The blade of the ax is lower than the head. That part is called the beard. And it has a number of features.

First of all, it's just more advanced at the ax head. Behind the beard, the steel is slightly rounded, so that there is room for your hand.

How did the Vikings use an ax?

You can pick up the ax higher for precise sawing or pushing, for example. Finally, Vikings used the barbs of axes as hooks to scale walls and enter ships. Since not much of it is happening these days, the other features might appeal to you more.

Enough reading, time to get started.

Chop chop!

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