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Knife Story: Forge De Laguiole Rambaud Coral Damascus

This beautiful piece made by Forge de Laguiole, with an 11 cm stainless blade of damask steel with 116 layers, is hand-forged by French knife maker Stéphane Rambaud. The handle of this piece is made from fossilized tiger coral. Keeping with that nautical theme, he hand-forged the ornament on the back in the shape of a "Jolly Roger".

Mr. Rambaud has been working at Forge de Laguiole since 2005 and is one of their most famous knife makers. Today he is known for reintroducing historic Laguiole knives and creating exceptional pieces with quality materials. Born in 1968 in Lyon, France, Stéphane Rambaud was trained at the School of Cutlery and Cutlery in Nogent, where he was awarded the Gold Medal for Best Student in 1987. This masterpiece is one of the most remarkable and rare pieces from the workshops of Forge de Laguiole.

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