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Knife Deep Dive: CRKT CEO

One of the most popular gentleman's knives at the moment is the CRKT CEO. This streamlined design by Richard Rogers excels in wearing comfort and flipping action. The streamlined blade fits completely into the handle when closed, creating a very narrow closed profile. When carried in a pocket it looks more like a pen than a knife, perfect for an office environment. To open the knife, simply press the flipper. Thanks to the ball-bearing hinge point and the strong catch, it unfolds nice and quickly. Fun to play with, but also practical if you need to use it quickly or with one hand. The CEO's blade is made from AUS8 stainless steel and is perfect for smaller everyday cutting jobs, such as peeling fruit and opening mail. It's a great light-duty EDC knife that wouldn't look out of place in a formal setting. The CEO makes a great EDC knife for light use, without looking out of place in a dressy environment.

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