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Knife Deep Dive: Böker Plus Pocket Smatchet Micarta

Colonel Rex Applegate is a household name in the knife world. Perhaps best known for the Applegate-Fairbairn battle dagger. The dagger has become an absolute icon in the industry and is instantly recognizable by military historians and knife collectors alike. Colonel Applegate trained Allied Special Forces in combat and founded the School for Spies and Assassins. At one point, he even became President Roosevelt's personal guard.

Another recognizable design is the Smatchet! Originally designed by William Fairbairn, with whom Applegate designed the dagger during World War II. A strange mix of dagger and machete, it was originally designed as a large combat knife, measuring a whopping 18 inches (42 cm) in length. The Smatchet has become a collector's item and outdoor tool. Many people around the world like to pay tribute to the legacy of Smatchets while building a campfire. Just like some people go camping with a Khukuri.

Some knife enthusiasts know it, want it, but can't use it in their daily lives. Some collectors have it but are not allowed to carry it around. Some enthusiasts want one, but can't hide it from their wives... For these good people, there's the Pocket Smachet! Chuck Gedraitis, a knife maker with over 20 years of experience, designed and approved this by Böker.

The Pocket Smatchet has all the classic design features, combined with all the modern conveniences of a pocket knife. It has a leaf-shaped blade, but with a spear point instead of being truly double-edged. It has the grooves in the micarta handle scales, giving it that classic Applegate look. A similar groove runs along the VG-10 blade and completes that look. A nice detail is the non-reversible custom clip, which is precision machined with the same grooves you'll find in both the handle and blade.

The blade is complemented by a beautiful stonewash finish. It opens both left and right handed via the thumb disc on the back of the blades, which can be removed if desired. And to top it off, the blade also locks firmly in place thanks to the liner-lock mechanism.

Click here to view the Böker Pocket Smatchet

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