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Knife Deep Dive: Boker Gold Damascus Master Cutter

Where did the razor originate?

Soft as butter? Maybe not, but shaving with a straight razor can produce very smooth results. Dating all the way back to 1000 - 1500 BC when the ancient Egyptians used the precursor to the modern straight razor as we know them today, it's fair to say that shaving has been around for quite some time. The fact that they are still produced and used to this day shows their relevance. Combine that with a company that knows how to handle straight razors and you get absolute miracles.

Böker: the heart of the German knife industry

Founded in 1869 in the beating heart of the German knife factory Solingen, Böker has been paving the way in the knife industry since its foundation. This includes the production of high quality razors. They have been making straight razors for over a century and they still do today. Their line-up consists of very simple to decorative collection pieces. The piece we are talking about is the Master Cutter Damascus Gold.

How many pieces were made of the Böker Gold Damascus Master Cutter?

The Master Cutter Damascus Gold is a special edition straight razor and is limited to 20 pieces worldwide and is numbered 19 out of 20. If that isn't exclusive enough, the blade itself is gold plated damascus which will almost certainly catch the eye of anyone looking at its direction.

Shaving with a straight razor?

In general, the width of a straight razor is 5/8 inch. With an 8/8 inch blade, this piece has a strong presence wherever it stands. When shaving, the width of the blade can scoop up a lot more soap from your face, allowing you to focus more on the shaving process itself. The barber's notch helps to perform important precision work. It allows you to shave around the nose, nostrils and ears by placing your index finger in the notch, leaving no area untouched. As we all know, details matter!

Other features of the Böker Gold Damascus Master Cutter?

The handle shells are made of desert ironwood, a common wood for handle materials in knives. It has a refined appearance, but due to its very hard and stable property, it also lends itself as a very suitable handle material for this piece. At the beginning of the handle is an intermediate piece that is also made of gilded damascus. Holding it all together is an elaborate gold-plated screw connection finished with the Böker decal in the center of the handle shell.

Included with this piece is a certificate of authenticity confirming that this piece is number 19 out of 20 and a box that doubles as an elegant display. Whether used for shaving, a collector's item, to decorate your man cave or all of the above, the Böker Master Cutter Damascus Gold will always be there!


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