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Knife Deep Dive: Puma 975 Trail Boss

Where does the Puma 975 Trailboss come from?

This vintage pocket knife is the Puma Trailboss. It came to our shop from an old collection and we are proud to have it for sale in our shop. It is a rare Puma pocket knife that was made in Germany in the first half of 1979 in Puma's famous factory in Solingen. We know this because we verified the serial number.

What are the features of the Puma 975 Trailboss?

While the design is reminiscent of classic American folding hunting knives, the typical Solingen craftsmanship that Puma is known for really sets it apart. The blade and lock bar feature Puma's signature high-gloss satin finish, while the transitions between the wood and brass in the handle are seamless. If you take a close look at the blade, you'll notice a small dimple, attesting to the hardness test cougars famously perform on all their German knives to make sure the temper came out right. The name of the knife and the blade steel are sharply etched in the hollow ground part of the blade. Speaking of blade steel, it's Puma's own 'New Stainless Super Keen Cutting Steel', and it still has the razor-sharp, mirror-polished factory edge that was applied to it over four decades ago. If that's not enough, we don't know what is!

How long is the Puma Trailboss 975?

Another feature that sets this knife apart is its size. Opened 25 cm in size, lives up to its name. The large handle consists of a brass frame with Jacaranda wood scales, which further complement this decades-old knife.

The Trailboss is unused and still in its original green-yellow plastic box, which many fans will immediately recognize. The condition is like new