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Many people first think of a Swiss army knife from the Victorinox brand when they see a pocket knife in front of them. These are very handy because they have several fold-out tools such as scissors, auctions, screwdrivers, etc. Not to be confused with multi-tools as known from the Leatherman brand. If you are looking for a knife for just the knife without extras, then a fixed knife or folding knife is what you are looking for. For the collector, a traditional Japanese pocket knife, also called Higonokami knife, should not be missing.

Functions of a pocket knife

Are you going camping or on an outdoor survival holiday? Then a pocket knife is a worthy addition to have with you. Quickly cut a rope or prepare some wood for a campfire. A pocket knife always comes in handy. When figuring out which type is suitable for your needs, it is important to know which pocket knives are available. For most functions, a swiss army knife is obviously the best choice due to the number of tools. However, if you are looking for a pocket knife just for the quality of the knife itself, there are many more options. A foldable pocket knife fulfills many tasks and is today an indispensable addition for on the road or at home. For outdoor activities such as mountaineering, scouting and survival and EDC you want a good knife that is also easy and comfortable to carry. A folding knife is safe to take with you because you can close it.

Only the best pocket knife brands

At The Old Man Knives & Tools Amsterdam we have different brands of pocket knives. The official brand for a swiss army knife is Victorinox , known for the iconic red and white and the Swiss logo. Victorinox has a high quality and striking design. Victorinox models differ in the number of tools, size and design. The tools come in all shapes and sizes such as scissors, nail clippers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, corkscrews and so on. If you are looking for a foldable knife without extras, Opinel is the brand for you. Opinel pocket knives are known for their quality and simplicity. Indispensable as a traditional quality knife for every purpose. Böker knives originate from Solingen, Germany, where they are still made. Centuries of craftsmanship have given the brand and the knives an exceptional status. In addition to the German knives, the brand also produces knives under the name Boker Arbolito. These are designed and built in Argentina. Finally, Boker also has a range of knives designed and produced in the United States, Italy and Asia. They do this under the name Böker plus. For military and tactical knives, The Old Man has the Spyderco , Boker , Benchmade , Coldsteel , Buck Knives , Fox Knives , Kershaw and CRKT brands. If you are looking for a survival pocket knife or a scouting pocket knife, the products from Coldsteel , Helle or Brisa / Enzo Finland , for example, have been specially developed for this.


Böker is one of the best-known brands in our arsenal and for good reason. Böker operates under different types of lines than just Böker. For example, you have Böker Solingen where the premium line of the brand can be found. Böker Arbolito focuses more on traditional knives, which are intended for outdoor use and for hunting. These pocket knives and fixed knives are produced in Buenos Aires Argentina. Böker Plus focuses on innovating tactical knives and functional knives. The Boker Magnum line specializes in producing knives with a great price and quality ratio. These Böker pocket knives combine high performance with a small price.

We at The Old Man Knives & Tools have been working with love since the very beginning of our establishment with everything that has to do with Böker. In addition to Böker's foldable knives, you will also find fixed knives , multifunctional knives , razors , shaving sets , sharpening stones , Kubotan , Balisongs and chef's knives .


Spyderco was founded in 1976 in Golden Colorado America. Spyderco quickly started to grow due to their unique and recognizable designs and high quality. We have a wide range of Spyderco pocket knives and fixed knives in various sizes and colours. In addition to Spyderco pocket knives, we also sell sharpening stones. If you are interested in a Spyderco Knife, you can always contact The Old Man Knives & Tools for a varied selection of this beautiful brand.


Everyone recognizes a Victorinox Knife from a mile away. Victorinox is the world famous Swiss knife brand that is immediately recognizable by the logo and the red color. Victorinox is best known for their high quality Swiss Army Knives, but they also do business in the Multitools and Kitchen Knives . What makes a Victorinox pocket knife so special is the multi-functionality of each pocket knife.

Forge de Laguiole

Many people immediately recognize the style and design of a Laguiole knife, even if they do not know the origin. The slender, traditional blades with the bee (or fly) on the backbone. We often hear people refer to them as "grandfather's pocket knife" or table knives in classy restaurants. The sommelier pocket knives, with an equally iconic corkscrew. It is an unmistakable design. So much so, that it is regularly imitated.

The name Laguiole is derived from the village where these knives come from. The village of Laguiole in Aubrac, France. Each knife made at the Forge de Laguiole is created, assembled and finished by a single master knifesmith. That means that every knife is made by hand in France. The knives are known for using natural handle material, such as wood, horn or bone. Although today there are models available with more modern materials for those who like it.

The history of the cutlery industry in Laguiole dates back to 1828, when the first knife maker settled in the village. The knives were originally made as simple pocket knives for farmers. Today Fore de Laguiole has about 100 employees and is an established value. The knives are not only pocket knives, but also a trusted name and a symbol of beauty and quality among collectors.


Opinel was founded in France by Joseph Opinel in his family workshop. Since then, the shape of the traditional Opinel pocket knife has not changed. Opinel usually uses beech wood or ''fayard'' for the handle, but they also use oak, olive, walnut or boxwood. Opinel says each wooden handle has its own personality, knots, tone and veining. Opinel believes in sustainability and therefore only sources wood from locally managed forests. In the beginning, Opinel only used carbon steel for their pocket knives, and this has been refined over the years. Carbon steel is easy to resharpen, but corrosion is more likely to occur. In addition to carbon steel, Opinel also uses stainless steel for their products. Opinel has optimized this steel, perfectly balancing the amount of carbon and chromium, creating the best compromise between corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Opinel offers a quality pocket knife for a competitive price. No wonder they have been around for over 130 years.

Lion Mah

Liong Mah is a knife designer from New York, where he used to work as a pastry chef. Using knives on a daily basis, combined with a pre-existing love for them, he knew he wanted more. After learning how to use CAD, he really brought his designs to life. He has worked with many major knife manufacturers and his designs are world famous.

Today, Liong Mah Design, his own brand, is based in Palm Bay, Florida and has an impressive portfolio.

Reate is a manufacturing company built and run by knife enthusiast David Deng. Reate has an impressive history of collaborations and its own knife line. Reate knives are known for their fit and finish and smart design features.


Benchmade is a popular knife brand founded in 1987 America by Les deAsis. Before that, Benchmade only made Custom Balisongs under the name Bali-song inc. This led to the first production of the Bali-Song 68.

From here Benchmade grew into one of the largest players in the American market. The brand focuses 100% to this day on quality, customer relationships and innovation.

Benchmade started small in a shop in California, 1980. After the success of the first Bali-song model: The 68, the company grew over the next 8 years into a complete knife manufacturer. Who, in addition to the successful Balisongs, also started selling fixed knives and pocket knives.

Les thought it was time for a new name, this name had to encompass the drive for quality and passion for the handmade knives. The new name Benchmade was introduced in 1987, the name expressed exactly what the company stood for.

In 1990, Benchmade moves its operation to Oregon, the epicenter of knife production. Here, the brand gained access to new technologies, such as a high-power laser cutter.

To this day, Benchmade continues to grow into an increasingly stronger player in the knife world. And that makes sense, because after all these years the brand has never let go of its core values, the focus on quality, innovation, customer relationships and responsible business ethics.


This Japanese knife brand is in a class of its own; The quality is second to none. Each knife is manufactured through a combination of machine and hand work. In this way, the very best materials are processed in the very best way and absolute perfection is achieved. It made Rockstead a world-famous brand and a showpiece in any collection. Read more about Rockstead here !

At The Old Man Knives & Tools we have the largest collection of Rockstead on display in Western Europe. Visit the heart of Amsterdam to see these special knives for yourself. We are happy to tell you all about it!