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A real flashlight is not on your phone. If you are out in the dark a lot, you want a good quality flashlight. If you go camping or outdoor survival, a flashlight is not an unnecessary luxury. A large flashlight can sometimes shine more than 500 meters away. When buying a flashlight, it is important to look at range and brightness. Also consider whether you want a rechargeable flashlight or a battery-powered flashlight. We have flashlights from the Fenix ​​brand. Fenix ​​is ​​known as one of the best flashlight brands in the world. These flashlights are of extremely good quality and have a good price-quality ratio. In addition to your flashlight, you can also order the necessary flashlight accessories from The Old Man.

Are Fenix ​​flashlights good?

In our modern world, companies innovate and reinvent technology in a constant battle to match or surpass each other. This applies not only to phones and laptops, but also to flashlights.

 Fenix ​​​​is ​​an innovative company that has been one of the top players in the flashlight field for years. Based in Shenzhen City, China, Fenix ​​continues to thrive where it started. Everything from design to production, to quality control and logistics is managed from the same facility, keeping their program tight. As with other consumer electronics, flashlights can be difficult to compare due to the inconsistency of quality and technology. Fenix ​​​​was one of the first manufacturers to not only embrace, but exceed ANSI standards, which helps us to compare more accurately. 

Fenix ​​produces a wide range of flashlights in different sizes, powers and extra conveniences. Here's one: 

The PD36R is currently one of the most technologically advanced and complete flashlights available in the mid-range of the Fenix ​​range. Like a sleekly built highlight reel, it packs many of the latest flashlight features and innovations into one simple package. 

The housing is made of durable machined aluminum as standard, making it non-slip and anti-roll. Finally, it has a robust anodized finish. The head contains a huge 1600 lumens LED, capable of producing a brightness of 19,977 candelas and a beam distance of 283 meters. Power is provided by the included 5000mAh battery, which can be charged via the external USB-C port, so you don't have to remove the battery to charge it.

 The flashlight is activated via the tail cap switch. There are five brightness levels: 1600, 800, 350, 150 and 30 lumens. To cycle through the different brightnesses, there is the second switch that doubles as a charging indicator. When you turn on the light, it glows solid or flashes green or red depending on the battery's four charge levels. 

Finally, the PD36R has a bi-directional clip that allows you to wear it however you like, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

Like all Fenix ​​flashlights. Every Fenix ​​flashlight is built with the same attention to detail and performance.

We at The Old Man Knives & Tools are proud to work with Fenix. Fenix ​​produces high-quality flashlights that last a long time due to their LED light. These Fenix ​​LED Flashlights are ideal for when you go camping, for example. We have a wide range of Felix lamps. Including Rechargeable flashlights, small easy flashlights and powerful large flashlights. Each with its own functions and tricks. Do you want to buy a flashlight? Then Felix's flashlights will be ready.