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WESN Detroit is a company that specializes in making cool stuff that you can carry with you every day (aka, EDC tools). The brain behind these cool products is Jonathan Weber, a designer from Detroit who makes a sport of making practical and durable things that make your life just a little easier.

As an EDC specialist, WESN Detroit has come up with all kinds of useful gadgets that are suitable for different situations and types of people. Whether you need a pocket knife, multi-tool, key ring or pen, these guys have it all. And they are not just made of junk material, no, think of titanium, steel and carbon fiber. That's the expensive stuff, guys!

Anyway, let's talk about some of their most popular products. First you have the Ti Micro Blade pocket knife. This is a knife made of titanium with a blade of only 1.5 inches. That means it's small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to cut anything and everything. Plus, the thing has a lock so it doesn't just jump out of your pocket and cause an accident.

Then we have the Allman pen. This pen is made of titanium and fits easily in your pocket (or shirt pocket if you're feeling fancy). It also looks very slick and is available in different colors. So if you're a hipster and like to match your EDC tools with your clothes, this is the pen for you.

And what makes WESN Detroit such a great company? Well, first of all, all of their stuff is handmade in the USA. This means that there are no cheap sweatshop workers involved, but real craftsmen who take their work seriously. And second, their products have been tested under a variety of conditions to ensure they meet your high expectations. So when you buy a product from WESN Detroit, you know you're getting value for your money.

All in all, WESN Detroit is a cool company that makes cool stuff. Their EDC tools are handy, stylish and high quality. Plus, they have a customer service team that goes above and beyond to make sure you're happy with your purchase. What else do you want?