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We offer several types of historical style swords including rapiers, medieval and Roman swords. There are swords which are just for display or cosplay, but also "battle-ready" swords with or without sharpened edges, for exhibition fights or cutting tests.

Haller Claymore
Urs Velunt Frankish sword "One and a half hand" sharp
Forged spring steel blade with a Rockwell hardness of 50-55 °. The blade is ground and riveted to the end of the handle.
The handle is made of wood and is wrapped with leather, end button and quillons are made of steel. With wooden sheath with metal fittings.
Blade length 92 cm
Total length 119 cm
Total length with sheath 127 cm
Width of the quillons 21 cm
Weight without sheath 1400 g


Roman Gladius

The blade is made of carbon steel, the handle material of wood with decorative brass fittings. The sheath is made of wood with leather trim and also copper fittings. Blade length 51 cm Total length without sheath 59 cm Total length with sheath 77 cm Weight without sheath 850 g


Viking Ironside sword Condor

The Viking Ironside Sword is made of non-stainless 1060 carbon steel and is anything but decorative. The fully Norwegian-style fully operational sword features decorative runes, which represent an interpretation of the word "Condor". Handle and sheath are made of leather-covered hardwood.

Type of article: Deco sword
Total length: 92.7 cm
Blade length: 76.8cm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Weight: 1810 g
Blade material: 1060
Handle material: hardwood
Colour: brown
Leaf color: uncoated
Sheath material: wood


Japanese-style swords

We sell various Japanese style swords from respected brands such as John Lee and Citadel. These are well built, fully functional swords for martial arts and Tameshigiri purposes. We also have several Japanese style swords which are simply built for decoration and are a joy to look at

John Lee Imori

Even today the dragon is playing in Japan, especially at the New Year festival, a major role. In contrast to Western mysticism, the dragon is a lucky animal fable in Japan. The tsuba of this remarkable sword forms a dragon that surrounded the sword. Hand Forged Samurai Sword Series John Lee - The hand-forged and tempered blade of the sword is made of carbon steel - The blade has a groove (Bo-Hi) and carried out ground sharply - The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood, with authentic ray skin (Same) demonstrated - The handle wrap (Tsuka-Ito) is mounted in black cotton and the traditional way - In the grip are two menukis inserted - The Tsuba is made of brass and shows a Japanese dragon - The scabbard ( Saya) is out and black lacquered Glossy - The Habaki is made of brass - Produced by Museum Designs Details: - Blade length 72 cm to Tsuba - Total length without sheath 103 cm - Handle length 31 cm - Weight without sheath 1000 grams - Weight with sheath 1250 grams The sword comes with a certificate and a seal, which vouch for the authenticity. A printed cloth bag, and a high quality collector's are also part of the sword.


John Lee Tenkei

John Lee Ten Kei Katana Hand-forged wrought masterpieces of Asian art John Lee Ten Kei Katana Forging perfection in one of their best! "Ten Kei", translated means something like "gift from heaven" and refers to the beauty of nature.This sword is a true work of art, both in terms of the mount, and in relation to the blade. - In the ground out sharp blade of the sword is hand forged from 1095 carbon steel (not stainless) and was provided for weight reduction with a chamfer (Bo-Hi) - Traditional hardening of the blade with differentiated Lehmbestrich, creating a real, beautiful Hamon-line was - Suitable for cutting tests, 60 ° Rockwell on the boundary, 40 ° at the back of the blade - blade in Kobuse-size * up - Fine, hand-crafted fittings (Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira, Menuki) which were embellished with gold and silver - Handle (Tsuka) of wood, with real fish skin (Same) demonstrated - Tight control winding made of green silk, traditional in Maki Katate? Style (war winding) attached - Blade clamp (Habaki) made of brass - Sword Angel particularly long-held and with 2 bamboo sticks (Mekugi) in the handle fixed - sheath made of wood, decorated with high quality Sageo (winding) - With certification, which guarantees the authenticity - Produced by Museum Designs - Comes in wooden collectors box with stand- Blade length up Tsuba: 71 cm Overall length: 100 cm Overall length with scabbard: 104 cm Handle Length: 29 cm Curvature (sori): 2 cm Focus: approximately 11 cm above tsuba Blade width Habaki: 3.5 cm Blade width of the transition to the point (Kisaki): 2.5 cm Blade thickness: 0.75 cm Weight with scabbard: 1310 g Weight without scabbard: 1045 g


Citadel Keshi Katana

Citadel Keshi Katana Citadel stands for superior quality, which can only be achieved by masterful handwork. All knives and swords are almost entirely made by hand. Minor variations in size and shape are the result of an individual order production. Keshi in English means "poppy", which is the subject of this sword. The Tsuba made from blackened iron represents the leaves of the poppy. Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki show the unique flowers. Another highlight is the handle wrapped in brown leather, which is wound tightly on the related rayskin handle. Statements (Kurigata, kojiri, Koiguchi) from buffalo horn adorn the black, high-gloss lacquered scabbard. The razor-sharp blade is made of 1075 carbon steel. Under traditional Lehmbestrich this is differentiated to about 60 HRC at the cutting edge and 40 HRC hardened at the blade back. A fuller (Bo-Hi), which is also on set blacksmith ended Habiki, reduces weight and ensures optimum balance. Through the skills of the polisher the masterful work of the blacksmith comes fully to bear and presents a beautiful Hamon. Each sword belongs next to a production certificate, a quality sword bag, a Sageo of silk, and a padded Cordura bag for transport. Handle length 28.5 cm Blade length 74 cm Total length (without sheath) 103 cm Weight (without sheath) 930 gr