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Opinel was founded in France by Joseph Opinel in his family workshop. Since then, the shape of the traditional Opinel pocket knife has not changed. Opinel usually uses beech wood or ''fayard'' for the handle, but they also use oak, olive, walnut or boxwood. Opinel says each wooden handle has its own personality, knots, tone and veining. Opinel believes in sustainability and therefore only sources wood from locally managed forests. In the beginning, Opinel only used carbon steel for their pocket knives, and this has been refined over the years. Carbon steel is easy to resharpen, but corrosion is more likely to occur. In addition to carbon steel, Opinel also uses stainless steel for their products. Opinel has optimized this steel, perfectly balancing the amount of carbon and chromium, creating the best compromise between corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Opinel offers a quality pocket knife for a competitive price. No wonder they have been around for over 130 years.