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With a multi-tool you have all the essential tools in your pocket. Screwdriver, pliers, saw, ruler, knife and you name it. Over the years, the multi-tool has been given a permanent place in the equipment of every handyman. Carpenters, technicians and roadies can no longer do without this pocket-sized all-rounder. The multi-tool has grown together with the Leatherman brand . In addition, the Swiss pocket knife brand Victorinox is also known for its multi-tools and multi-tool pocket knives. At The Old Man Knives & Tools you will also find all cases and sheaths for your multi-tool!

What can I use a multi-tool for?

Such a multi-tool sounds useful, but when does a multi-tool really come in handy? The answer to that question is: always. You never know when you're going to need it, but a pocket-sized multi-tool is always handy to have with you. For the road bike, a multi-tool in your saddle bag is ideal for adjusting your bike on the go. For jobs such as: laying laminate, laying tiles, sealing, sanding and (iron) sawing, a multi-tool also serves as the best pocket-sized solution.

Multi-tool accessories

A multi-tool usually consists of at least pliers, a knife and a screwdriver. In addition, there are often additional parts such as a: bottle opener, saw, ruler or scissors. Depending on model and brand, there are also separate accessories for sale and replace. This allows you to make your multi-tool completely personal and to your liking. Whether you use it for work or when you go survival in nature, a multi-tool always comes in handy.

Best multi-tool

Which multi-tool is best depends entirely on your wishes. There are a huge number of different multi-tools with various accessories. So think about which tools you use most during your work and choose which tools you need based on that. The Leatherman brand has become a household name among professionals. The Leatherman Wave Plus is the most sold model of the brand. However, the company has many more multi-tools where the difference mainly lies in the dimensions and the number and variants of tools. The Victorinox SwissTool Multitools originated from Swiss precision and craftsmanship. The experiences and best tools of their well-known pocket knives ensure the same quality with the brand's multi-tools. Another American brand of good quality is SOG, this brand is known for innovation and quality.

The Leatherman Surge?

The Leatherman Surge can be seen as one of the powerhouses within the Leatherman family. Some even see him as the bigger brother of the Leatherman Wave.

The reasons why are obvious: not just because of the typical (ruler embossed) comfortable grip you get on it, but some of the most commonly used tools are directly accessible from the outside: large, one-handed opening blade, heavy spring-loaded scissors, large fully serrated blade and, to top it off, an interchangeable saw blade. Yes, that's right, via a handy mechanism you can exchange the universal (hardware store!) jigsaw blade for the included diamond-coated file. And they all fall into place. How about that for versatility! And that's exactly what it says on the outside of the tool.

Inside are several (interchangeable) screwdrivers, an awl and a can opener with wire stripper. Still not enough? Well, these days the Surge also has replaceable cutting inserts in its pliers that don't cost much but last a very long time.

Is the Ratchet Driver applicable to the Leatherman Surge?

For those looking for maximum versatility, it can even be combined with Leathermans' relatively new Ratchet Driver via the replaceable screwdriver cap, which allows the operator to use any type of regular screwdriver bits! Go anywhere in the included straps, there really is no more excuse for not getting things done!