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Mora Kniv is a Swedish company with a rich history. Mora Kniv knives have 400 years of craftsmanship, but the story really started when Frost-Erik Erson returned in 1891 to Mora, a waterside town in Sweden.

After just under 10 years, the Knives of Mora were already a success. They already exported 19,000 knives per year. These handmade knives were immediately recognizable by the red color of the handle. In addition to the knives, Mora Kniv also became known for producing ice drills.

In 1988, Erikson's and Frost's companies came together. This merger allowed the company to grow even further. This growth will continue into the 21st century. In which the company decided to rename itself to the name we all know now, MoraKniv!

In addition to the evolution of the company, the knives also evaluated. But the place of production has always remained the same, in the heart of Mora. The knives are made of high quality metals, such as stainless steel and carbon steel. The blades are hardened in a secret way that has been locked away within the company for hundreds of years.

If you look at Mora's range, you will be shocked by the amount of different types of knives that appear in different models, colours, lengths and shapes.

We at The Old Man Knives & Tools have been working with MoraKniv for a long time and we are proud of that. View the Woodcarving Knives , Fixed Knives and Pocket Knives from Mora here.