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Miyabi Kitchen Knives - Sharpness is beautiful

New in our collection are our Miyabi Kitchen Knives. The beauty of sharpness is displayed by these intricate kitchen knives from Japan. Miaybi is one of the best in the world at producing beautiful kitchen knives that are extremely sharp and durable. All knives in this series have Damascus steel blades, with different patterns. The blades are hardened by the CRYODUR ice hardening technique, where the blades are cooled and hardened to -193 degrees Celsius. This technique ensures that the blades are flexible, maintain the highest cutting performance and maintain corrosion resistance.

Miyabi stays true to their traditions, with their Honbazuke Homing method. This traditional Japanese homing gives each knife its incomparable sharpness. Each blade is sharpened by hand in three stages in a complex process. In the first stage, the blade is coarsely sharpened with a vertically rotating whetstone, followed by a fine hone with a horizontally rotating whetstone. Finally, the edge is polished using a leather stropping for scalpel-like sharpness.

Let's take a closer look at the details of the Miyabi 5000 MCD 67, which you see in the (numerical) image. The Miyabi 5000 MCD is made of MC 63 steel which is used for the blade. MC stands for Microcarbide powder steel. Why is this special? Because it reaches a whopping hardness of 63 Rockwell. However, there is one more feature that we should mention. The blade is made of 132 layers of Damascus, the most number of layers in the series. Plus, the pattern is absolutely amazing. The handle is well balanced with the blade and has an ergonomically designed D-shaped handle that fits perfectly in your palm.

The miyabi 5000MCD, which you see in the (number) photo, has 101 layers of Damascus steel around the MC63 steel. The handle is made of Masur birch wood and has the same D-shaped handle. What sets the 5000MCD apart from the others is the beautiful Damascus floral pattern carefully designed into each piece.

The Miaybi 6000MCT does not have a Damascus blade, although you can certainly not say that it is not beautiful. The 6000MCT has a hammered finish that shines and flares in the light. The MicroCarbide MC63 steel gives it excellent functionality and the D-shaped handle made of dark pakka wood gives the knife impressive ergonomics

In short, Miyabi Chef's knives combine advanced technologies with ancient Japanese traditions. Creating a state-of-the-art kitchen tool that will not only slice your meats and veggies as thin as you like, but also serve as a showpiece and talking point in any kitchen.
Miyabi - The beauty of sharpness.