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Marttiini Knives - Made in Finish Lapland

Martini is a Finnish knife manufacturer founded in 1928, during the dark arctic days. Marttiini's knives are of high quality and focus on hunting. You can use the knives great as a tool in the forest. Marttiini almost exclusively uses natural materials for the knives, such as leather, birch wood, reindeer antlers and of course the fine extremely sharp steel.

Today, Marttiini combines tradition and craftsmanship with modern technologies. The end result is brilliantly sharp pocket knives and fixed blades that are close to their Finnish roots.

Marttiini Knives strives for sustainability. The blades are produced for longevity, extending the life cycle of the blade into the next generation and beyond. They strive for a minimum release of exhaust gases. If that fails, the brand compensates by planting trees. They also sell their knives without packaging, which minimizes plastic use. In addition, the production uses 100% renewable energy. Every year Marttiini reduces its emissions and water consumption, the aim is to continue this line until consumption is minimized.

The Marttiini knives are often fixed knives with a leather cover. Ideal to take with you in the backpack for hiking, camping or other outdoor and survival activities. Besides the fixed knives, Marttiini also makes pocket knives. The focus of the brand remains on hunting knives, outdoor knives and cabin chef knives.

The knives are of high quality, but are already available from € 30, - a bargain.