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The History of Opinel

Opinel is a French company founded in 1890 by Joseph Opinel. Based in the small village of Saint-Jeoire in the French Alps, the company is famous for its knives. Opinel knives are known for their simple, elegant design and durability.

Opinel's history dates back to the 19th century, when Joseph Opinel started making knives in the village of Saint-Jeoire. He designed a simple, plain knife with a fixed blade and a wooden handle. This knife was intended for local farmers and workmen and quickly became popular for its versatility and reliability.

Over the years, the Opinel knife has evolved, but the design has largely remained the same. The company continues to make the knife with the same attention to detail and precision as in the beginning. In the 1950s, a new version of the knife was introduced with an adjustable blade, making the knife even more versatile.

Today, Opinel is a globally known brand and its knives are sold in more than 50 countries. The company is still owned by the Opinel family and is located in the village where it once started. The company is proud of the long history of the brand and continues to keep the tradition alive by continuing to make knives that are known for their quality, durability and elegant design.

If you are looking for a high-quality knife for everyday use, an Opinel knife is an excellent choice. The blade is versatile, easy to use and provides excellent performance every time

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