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At The Old Man Knives and Tools, we're very passionate about blades in all shapes and sizes. With that said, we sell knives in varying quality and price ranges.

So what makes us unique?

We differentiate ourselvesby our expertise and our collection. We've been in the Knives and Tools business for over 30 years and we love what we do.

Sure, we sell brands that everyone has heard of. Sure, we sell knives you forgot you had in your kitchen drawer. But we also sell brands that only a few know. And knives you may only ever have seen in a movie once. Knives are man's oldest tools. With that in mind, we try to have something for everyone, whether you want a simple camping knife, or you're a die-hard collector looking for a one-of-a-kind piece.

We take great pride in being able to present you with brands such as Rockstead, Todd Begg, Citadel, Miyabi and genuine Forge de Laguiole.

In addition to the webshop, our actual shop, in the Damstraat, the heart of Amsterdam, has been a go-to place for every lover of knives and tools for years. There we have a very extensive range for the outdoor specialist, the camper and the cook. This range includes Leatherman utility knives, Swiss Army knives, Fenix ​​​​flashlights and complete knife sets for cooks in the food industry. We have it all! The fans of all kinds of ornamental knives and swords will not be disappointed either. From Kill Bill or The Walking Dead swords to other fantasy ornaments. The professional and knowledgeable staff on the Hardware department are happy to advise you about the current selection. The real store is busy and cozy. The center of Amsterdam, Damsquare and the Royal Palace, but also the Red Light District are just around the corner.

Feel free to reach out through phone or email with any questions you have!
The Old Man Knives & Tools
Damstraat 16
1012 JM Amsterdam

Tel: 020-6270043