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Sam Lurquin is not only a gifted knifemaker and blacksmith. From his service as a canine handler of a commotion unit is the design of the Boker Plus Kerberos, with the Lurquin aiming to give his colleagues the best tool for hand-held use. Because of his specialization in fixed blades, he chose this project together with Raphaël Durand to implement his design.

The self-supporting, designed G10 handle is fully contoured and has deep finger grooves for safe and intuitive operation. Contrary to D2's catalog description, the wide blade features a horizontal satin finish. The thumb disk allows for quick and easy opening, and the fully latched tailgate is a haptic poem

Type of article: Pocket knife
Total length: 21 cm
Blade length: 8.6 cm
Leaf thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 131.1g
Designer: Sam Lurquin
Blade material: D2
Handle material: G10
Opening: Manual
Closure: Backlock
Colour black
Leaf color: uncoated
Item number: 01BO266

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