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Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener™
This fixed angle knife sharpener makes sharpening an easy task for everyone. With a little time and practice, this system allows you to get perfectly flat and symmetrical bevels and a razorsharp result on most knives. A solid clamps firmly grips onto the spine of your knife to hold it securely in place. Next up, there's the sharpening stone. It slides over a rod that is attached to the base of the sharpener, and in this way allows you to move the sharpening stone along the edge of your knife while always maintaining one angle. The position of the place where the rod mounts to the base can be adjusted by means of a wormscrew, and in this way the angle under which the sharpening stone meets the edge of your knife can be adjusted steplessly within a range of 15 to 30 degrees per side.

The sharpening stone itself is three sided. One side is a coarse 320 grit diamond plate that quickly removes a lot of material, perfect for a reprofiling job. The second side is a 600 grit diamond plate, which will give you a sharp but still toothy edge. Last is a very fine ceramic stone, which can be used to achieve a truly razor-sharp result. As an expansion on this sharpening system, we also supply Worksharp's Upgrade Kit (, which comes with three additional three-sided sharpening stones in different grids, substantially increasing the possibilities of this sharpening system. Additionally, the Upgrade Kit comes with a solid case that holds the sharpener and the different stones securely.

One of the best features of this sharpener is that you do not have to remove your knife from the clamp after sharpening one side of the edge, for the clamp can rotate 180 degrees while securely holding your knife. This speeds up the sharpening process, but also makes sure that you will maintain the perfect angle while sharpening, for the position of your knife in the clamp won't change because you don't have to continually remove and resecure your knife into the clamp . An important tip while using this system is to barely use pressure on the stone while sharpening. It doesn't speed up the sharpening process, but makes the stones wear out quicker and can introduce variations in the sharpening angle.

If you're interested in this sharpening system or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or pay a visit to our store in Amsterdam. It is our pleasure to answer any question or to give you a demonstration of this and other sharpening methods. This way, we can help you get started with sharpening even better.

Work Sharp Precision Adjust Sharpening System™
This sharpening system is designed to make sharpening a simple and manageable task for everyone. With a small investment of time and practice, anyone can sharpen a flat and symmetrical but above all razor-sharp edge on most knives. The sharpening process starts with the blade being clamped in the system. A solid clamp grips the spine of the blade and holds it firmly in place. Then there is the grindstone. It moves freely on a rod mounted at the base of the system. This allows the sharpening stone to move along the edge of the blade at a fixed angle. The position of the point where the rod is mounted on the base of the system can be infinitely adjusted by means of a worm gear. For example, all possible sharpening angles between 15 and 30 degrees per side can be selected to sharpen a knife perfectly consistently at the right angle.

The sharpening stone has three sides. The first is a diamond plate in grit 320, which removes material very quickly and is ideal for repairing a very damaged edge. The next side is a diamond plate in grit 600, which will already sharpen a knife, although the result will still be a bit rough. For a truly razor-sharp result, finish your knife with the third side of the sharpening stone, a very fine ceramic stone. To expand this sharpening system, we also supply the so-called Upgrade Kit ( from Worksharp. It contains three extra sharpening stones, each with three sides, and thus considerably increases the sharpening options that you have with this system. In addition, this upgrade kit also contains a solid case in which the sharpening system and stones can be neatly stored.

One of the nicest features of this system is the clamp that holds the blade. It can rotate 180 degrees, meaning that every time you sharpen the other side of the edge - which is of course always necessary to maintain symmetry - you don't have to take your knife out of the clamp to flip it over. In this way you work faster, but you also maintain exactly the right sharpening angle because the knife is not placed slightly differently in the clamp each time. An important tip when using this system is not to exert too much pressure on the sharpening stone. Pressing hard does not make the stones sharpen faster, but they do wear out faster. Small variations in the sharpening angle can also occur as a result.

If you are curious about or have any questions about this system, please feel free to visit our store in Amsterdam. We are happy to give you a demonstration of this system and other sharpening methods. This way we can help you even better with its use!

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