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ARC is the very first multi-tool that uses high-quality MagnaCut steel. The blade is made of CPM MagnaCut steel that maintains a sharp edge and excels in corrosion resistance, hardness and ease of sharpening. The result is a knife that is perfect for both everyday tasks and the toughest conditions. The DLC coating on the blade adds another layer of corrosion resistance. ARC also includes the much sought after bit screwdriver and thanks to the FREE® technology, each function can be opened smoothly with one hand. With 20 tools, a removable pocket clip, a four-pocket nylon sheath, and eight double-ended bits, the hard-wearing, practical ARC® raises the bar for current and future multi-tools.


Bitkit compatibility: Add applications and additional screwdrivers. This multi-tool is compatible with our personalized bit kit
Full Lock: Every part (except the pliers head) clicks into place so you can use the tools safely and effectively
Complete lockout of functions on the outside: Easily access all functions of this multi-tool without opening it. They also lock and unlock for added security
Made in the USA: All of our materials are designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon
Removable Pocket Clip: Remove this pocket clip whenever you want
PVD coating: An ultra-thin, high-quality coating to add durability to your multi-tool
Thumb knob: Easily open the knife with this secure thumb knob


- Weight: 243.8g / 8.6oz.
- Open length: 16.39 cm / 6.45"
- Width: 3.4cm / 1.3"
- Overall thickness: 1.7cm / .68"
- Material: 420 stainless steel / 440 stainless steel / DLC coating / MagnaCut steel / PVD coating

Included bits:
Torx TX10 and TX15 / Torx TX20 and TX25 / Pozi PZ2 and PZ1 / Allen 1.5 and 2 mm / Allen 2.5 and 3 mm / Allen 4 mm and 5 mm / Flat screwdriver 2.5 mm and 3 mm / Robertson # 1 & 2 / Robertson No. 2 & 3

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