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What a catch!

Look what we found: three genuine Troopers by Kershaw. Produced from 1978 up until 2009, this is an absolute legend! 🔥

The manufacturing was done in Japan, by none other than Ichiro Hattori, the world-renowned bladesmith known for his works with Fällkniven, Cold Steel, SOG and other premium brands.

Afficionados who know the Trooper will appreciate this blast from the past for obvious reasons. If you didn't know it yet, or haven't had the chance to check it out, we strongly advise it. It's a handsome incredibly piece of knifemaking in pristine condition. Also, if you hadn't heard of Ichiro Hattori yet, check out his stuff. Legendary and beautiful knifemaking since the early '70s.

All three Troopers come in their original collector's box with a beautiful leather sheath that features a boot clip.

If you're interested in more vintage pieces, come by the store or contact us through email, phone or social media!

For more information on the specifics, you can read the Knife Deep Dive on the Kershaw Trooper 1007 that goes deeper into the details of this legendary knife.