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Knife Deep Dive: CRKT Snap Lock

CRKT's Snap Lock is an honorable legacy when it comes to knife making.

The unique design of the CRKT Snap Lock

A mechanical and, for some people, somewhat steampunk-looking knife, this folder has a different mechanism than you are probably used to. Instead of folding in the conventional manner, towards the cutting edge, the Snap Lock folds sideways.

How does the mechanism of the CRKT Snap Lock work?

By pressing the lever down, the V-shaped (or wishbone) frame opens a little more, giving the blade room to move. The blade can then be rotated 180 degrees to open or close it. This unique mechanism and design won the award for most innovative knife at the 2004 Blade Show. But the designer Ed van Hoy (Abingdon, Virginia, USA) also won many other awards, such as Most High-tech Design at SICAC and Best Fantasy Knife at the Ohio Valley Knife Show. So it's not the only great idea he's had.

360 degree rotation option

The drop point knife is made of 420J2 steel, an affordable, user-friendly and easy to sharpen stainless steel. The Snap Lock is not only beautiful to look at, but also fun to play with, functional to use and a great conversation starter when on display. When closed, the edge is fully guarded. This is not only great for keeping you on your toes, but also very safe to use. The pocket clip has good retention, but is not reversible. So if you're left-handed like some of us, that's a shame. The great thing about removing the clip on this knife is that it gives the knife the freedom to move around 360 degrees whenever you want. That's because otherwise the clip would prevent it from moving in either direction. If you do decide to leave it on, it's one of the more interesting money clips out there.

CRKT: Coloumbia River Knives & Tools

Columbia River Knives & Tools, or CRKT, continually collaborates with fantastic designers such as Ed van Hoy, Alan Folts and Liong Mah. Check out their catalog and our store for more unique knife designs.


root said:

Love the Design! Got a crkt knife already but this looks like a nice mechanism, added to my wannahaves!

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